I’m back with a new video, this time a nifty find from a thrift store. #retrocomputers #microsoftsidewinder

The Microsoft Sidewider Game Voice. This little device adds voice chat to your Windows 98 or Windows XP PC. The software allows you to join up to 4 chatrooms and talk to everyone or just team mates. You can mute yourself with a single click, and even issue voice commands to your games. How crazy is that? The nice thing about the Sidewider Game Voice is that it allows you to keep your speakers connected, while your headset is plugged in(before the days of front panel connections).

Sadly I wasn’t able to get this working. I could only find the software, not the drivers. I searched high and low for them and wasn’t able to get much. I ended up getting the software itself from the FilePlanet archive site.

Oddly enough, Microsoft suggested using the Sidewinder Game Voice for Office XP voice recognition, weird huh?


Thanks for watching, see you next time!


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  1. Of course the other great feature it had was the Voice activated commands – so you could say for example 'Gear Down' in a Flight sim and it would work. Great as a gimmick, but eventually I stopped using it, possibly when I installed XP.

  2. I should have an old sidewinder gamevoice disk in storage somewhere since I never throw those things away… if I find it I will send it to you!

  3. I have my old Sidewinder, and it has worked great for me with every version of Windows I've used, until Windows 10. I'm still trying to make it work, but in the meantime I wanted to say that I still have my original CD that came with it. Pretty sure it has older drivers on it…

  4. Someone did make a TeamSpeak 3 plugin for this, so it still does have some functionality. I bought one complete for next to nothing 5 years ago just for the hell of it, got it 3m'd to my desk more or less as decoration. Microsoft would be wise to resurrect this for modern games however, especially for their XBox consoles as it would make communication a bit easier to do in matches and lobbies.

  5. hiw did you actually bypass that error? I've got a Game Voice as well but don't know how to bypass it like you said

  6. I found one of these in a garage sale for like 2 bucks and it doesn't work that i am aware of. Perhaps it needs a driver or something?
    (did not watch the whole vid).

  7. I remember I bought this in 2000 as a 15 year-old and never using any of its features because nobody else had it. Which I never thought about before buying it.

  8. I used to run the end user community for this product back in the day, site is defunct, but I still have not only the CD, but some cool insider info if you want to collaborate.

  9. hi, Project Geek I recently acquired the sidewinder by its self with no drivers, and i was hoping if you know where to get the software and drivers for XP?

  10. I still have this but it's stored in a bin somewhere. Thought it was great to play old games that didn't have voice built in. Mainly used it in Team Fortress Classic, and it gave us a very helpful advantage. You need to have others also using gamevoice for it to be any good. Shortly after the launch there were other "free" voice software options so this became obsolete quickly. I still preferred the interface though. The command voice to macro ended up being too slow, so it was never used.

  11. Hi you still looking for the drivers? I found this exact headset sealed in box at a goodwill today. Was thinking about leaving it shut but if the drivers arn't online then I can open my boxed one.

  12. Why wouldn't they include the drives on the CD? That's pretty odd! Kind of neat but you're taking your hands off the keyboard to use it. Anyway it was fun thanks for showing us


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