Please turn on the captions to understand what’s happening in the video!

This is a bot I made that can win the game LaserAge. LaserAge is a 2D space shooter from 1999 which I used to play during my childhood. I decided to make a bot because I’ve never been able to beat it manually. In this video, I win the game for the first time, while also adding the final touches to the code.

The code is available here:

My blog entry explains the process in a bit more detail (in Spanish):


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  1. Escaneas toda la pantalla y si un pixel tiene uno de los colores que tenes definidos en el programa te moves al costado o algo? y si es asi, que haces si algun otro lado de la pantalla tiene ese color?

  2. Nice. You could make a LaserAge TAS with this by having it move up to enemies whenever it's about to shoot a bullet, I guess. I believe you could also increase fire rate by pausing and unpausing using left click.


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