Simple Jump Mechanic combined with Brain melting Puzzles, recommended by master Baton.

WaterBall! Game & Nicu si Baton.

One of the latest and most distinguished games for Android users, WaterBall is a simple game that requires both coordination and mental acuity. The whole purpose of the game is to navigate a beach ball through a maze that changes with every level.

Incredibly easy to use, WaterBall features a smooth and colorful design that is very engaging to players. The ball movement is fluid and the coding of the game results to a seamless change from one frame to the next, even as you advance to the higher levels.

All in all, the WaterBall app is an excellent addition to your Android games collection. The kind of game you can play for hours, Waterball provides the opportunity to exercise your mind even as you stay entertained. Small in size, Android users shouldn’t worry about the game taking up space.


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