East side story part 2

This is when the game really starts, though I guess it is still in tutorial phase. It will not let me alter the battle plans, or the type of troops and formations the officers use. Though I think it is set up to support the storyline, so that is good for the first playthrough. Interestingly enough you can actually lose this level and continue the game, but on a different story path.

Ideally you would want to destroy every single enemy army, as you will get more bonus special attacks awarded at the end of the level. But I’m not going to do that. At the start of the battle, I only moved the officers that were not already pre planned to attack the enemies. Some are more willing to take orders than others. Lucky none outright refused an order. I set out for speed and cut off the enemies commander from any reinforcements. Once the leader goes down, it is over. I was lucky and things went even better than planned. This video is 38 minutes including all cutscenes, without speeding up the video or going edit crazy. There are a few special optional cutscenes that I missed. I’m not sure if I will take the time to track them all down or not, there are probably others I don’t even know how to trigger.

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  1. Paul Dobson did a phenomenal job playing Ieyasu in the English dub. I mean, the English dub as a whole is pretty solid, but Dobson is one of the stand-outs.

  2. This was my first PS2 game I played when I got the system as a gift when I was a kid, great memories thanks for posting this!

  3. I still have this game and I periodically play it it was just amazing and still is. I love how you can change history and the main officers personalites. Akashi and Ukita were always my favorites. Josui Kuroda was always awesome addition as well. Kiyomasa was also really bad ass. I love the Samurai Warriors games but when it comes to Masanori Fukushima and Kiyomasa they don't come anywhere near their badassness in Kessen.

  4. This battle was great to play from Ishida's perspective. Units refusing orders and then Hideaki betraying you made it really challenging. Even for being a launch game, this game was a pretty good showcase of how next gen the PS2's graphics were compared to the PS1s. The presentation was pretty good, although the later Kessens have better game mechanics (and Kessen III was just awesome).

  5. 10:58
    This is probably one of the greatest soundtracks I have ever heard of in any sort of video game. still kind of is.
    God the music in this game is making me nostalgic

  6. I was too young to understand and appreciate the game back then but now I miss this game. WHY WAS I SO YOUNG AND STUPID TO SELL THIS GAME?!?!

  7. Loved it, especially the moving scene between Hosokawa Gracia and her guard. One of the best parts of the game. No wonder Kuo wanted to make this into a film.

  8. 16:29 quote:

    Hideaki Kobayakawa: Ah, silence, Matsuno! I'm thinking! Which will bring more gain…the East or the West?!

  9. Ok, just cant wait for them, have waited years for someone to do this. Mission 4, use half your army to attack forces to the south east, once they are gone, Combine your remaining forces and attack Josui Kuroda, always worked perfectly for me because Josui has very strong forces. The last three missions were perfectly done, well done 🙂

  10. Eventually. I don't want to upload it unless I pull off a really quick playthrough of the level. Still working on my strategy for level 4.


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