Kessen a game of hats E1

East Side Story Part 1
What can I say about Kessen. This game was released back in the year 2000, and was one of the launch titles for the Playstation 2. At a glance the characters may make Kessen resemble a Dynasty Warriors game, and they were both made by KOEI, but the game mechanics are far different. Kessen is much more focused on strategy, I could almost imagine this being playable as a board game. Except if it were a board game, we would miss out on all this amazing CGI work. And did I mention the hats? I would love a Tokugawa hat for Halloween.

I’m finally figuring out the setting for my recorder and editor. HD should be working now, and the audio should be in sync. I have the option of making the videos full wide screen, but all that does is stretch the image and make everything fat. Nobody warned me about how much time it takes to record/edit/upload.. It is easy for me to see why most people limit themselves to one or two videos a day.

This is me playing. What made me pick this game? I’v been searching youtube and I cannot find a full game plathrough of this game. Lots of Kessen 2 and 3, but somehow youtube is missing out on the original. Bum Bum……………….Bum. I may just have to put a clip of that music into every video from now on.


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  1. Who else played this game on both story modes, challenge level 5. Even loosing levels on purpose to unlock every level for auto play? I haven't played it in years. I want to play it again.

  2. holy shit this was one of my first video games ever and it actually somewhat holds up lol. the cgi cutscenes actually look pretty awesome and i still love the mini special maneuver cutscenes

  3. Royal Ascot ain't got fuck all on these bad ass hats

  4. The voice acting was surprisingly good for that era

  5. Who else just dropped a fat load in their pants from all the nostalgia?

  6. Thanks for uploading this. I love all the Koei games in this vein (Ambition, Three Kingdoms, the whole Warriors series) but Keseen is where it all began. Ii definitely became one of my early favourites. Can't believe he only became playable in the Warriors series recently.

  7. I played all three of these when I was a kid. Easily my favourite series of all time. Always thought Naomassa li was by far the coolest general although Honda and his "Let my tonbo-geri be a passage to hell" was pretty frickin sweet

  8. just randomly found this game in a shop for a £1 havent played it in over 10 years cant wait

  9. bem q podia ter o kessen 4 ,

  10. I felt bad for Ishida in SW4 but I hated Ishida in Kessen. #conflicted

  11. "Let my Tombogiri be a passaaaage to hell!!" sounds like he's singing it lol

  12. Tokugawa for the win woot woot

  13. 0:46 Militant religious sex.
    Sounds kinky.

  14. This game was so easy, just keep all your units together and attack the enemy units one by one

  15. I used to love this game it was my first strategy game and it got me into the genre big time.

  16. if they made this game for the vita I would totally buy it, I use to play this on the ps2 when I was 16

  17. Ah, funny that Fukushima arrived after you already won.

  18. Loved how winning, losing, or doing things in battles effected the story in different ways.

  19. this game was the shit the only reason i got was the cutscenes.

  20. thanks for uploading

  21. do the whole game man and publish it at youtube man i would love to see that for hours. do both side stories. i am waiting for Kessen 1 complete

  22. you dont know how long ive waited for someone to do a lets play of this game hhahahahaha:) !!!!!!!!

  23. are you doing the whole game??????!!!!!!!

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