Jason Silva gets scientific about what happens in our brain when we’re attracted to one another.
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Jason Silva on Attraction | Brain Games

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  1. А где можно найти версию которая на телевидении транслиловалась? Или то что прошло того уже не будет?

  2. Women attracted to strong, tall, confident, masculine males. Men attracted to feminine, good shaped healthy females. Why is this? Because of Evolution

  3. I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to learn about empowered mind videos try Loctavan Amazing Mind Strategy (just google it ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my co-worker got cool success with it.

  4. This is the view of love you don't want to accept, I mean why would anyone want to accept such a bland and secular view of what love is ?

  5. Well if you know better, you can stop yourself from liking someone. Even if your oxytocins and your chemical shits say so.

  6. love is more than chemicals ,Jason has a brilliant mind albeit , but there is a part of us that is more then that ,there always has been. It defies description and consensus reality. It creates energy that is misunderstood by many and really science sits begging the questions to the unknown. Anytime we think we know the answer it changes ,so many teachers ,so many great minds and yet the mysteries remain….

  7. Free will is an oxymoron. Anything that is free cannot be willed (caused by something or someone apart from itself) to do anything; conversely, anything or anyone that can be caused (or willed) to act and to do, by something or someone apart from itself, is not entirely free.

  8. Opposites attract because that improves the gene pool of the ofspring the most, giving them best chances for survival. If identical partners would mate, there would not be any progress or evolution.

  9. Why opposites attract
    To open horizons
    Completing the circle
    As far as what is inert … quite possibly
    This is INCOMPLETE.
    There's more … more to human life than just the code for our molecular structure.

  10. The things I am attracted to over time change. I can be deliberate about liking and appreciating and being interested in many things, even all things, over time.

  11. Your right we don't need to learn that we are machines either do we? Monkeys in a barrel trying desperately to not be insecure and get to the top so we are individual people too. Actually humans develop very early on what their parents want them to be  So do you believe you are free if your actually a machine now doing what they silently tell you you must do also? The chemistry is there however they are telling us that "they know" something they actually do not know. Scientist De Grasse has said that we actually do not know much about human genetics and that money is why they are saying this. That we are just taking essentially a peek at what it looks like to us  And if you look at the resilient human and why we are here at all and have not died from diseases long time ago. We humans as do other animals have two sets of genetics something that the genetics for money won't tell you.

  12. Yes, i keep saying it!!!…that explains also losing this quimical atraction for a person after a whyle… And if that saying of no quimical atraction doesnt exist… We are so lost in the world…hahahahaaa!

  13. While I don't deny that such chemicals play a big role in love, I really must say that it is not solely a wiring and chemical thing.

  14. you don't believe that yourself do you Jason? Is NG not allowing you some poetry into the picture. Its also a dimension! Don't loose inspiration!

  15. Umm no. My physics prof take away point "Free will isn't necessarily an illusion: the illusion is the determinism.  Despite what anyone might say, you are much more than a machine. Act accordingly." Sigh Nat Geo what is happening to you.

  16. i am no robot i am no slave i am not software i am not a program you are a fucking idiot i am a biological system that is beautiful and millions of years in the making


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