Ken Livitski gives you a fresh take on the weeks geeky news!

Jumanji still in the game?
Bye bye Batfleck?
Black Panther roars?
A new and improved Duke?
All of this and more!

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Hosted and cut by Ken Livitski
Color Correction by James Livitski
Titles and Overlay Design by Snollygoster Productions


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  1. Can't believe the amount of quality news you guys are providing! Awesome! Following and subscribing forever! Thanks Tridon & @Snollygoster! This is @pi2loc!

  2. Not that I hated Ben Affleck as Batman but I am a huge fan of Jake Gyllenhaal so I would love to see him in the role of Bruce Wayne. Thanks Tridon & @Snollygoster #ninjaweek #bestweekever

  3. Great episode! Bunch of news I had not heard about! Who would want to play on an old huge xbox 1 controller? Thanks Tridon & Snollygoster!

  4. Good to hear John Williams will continue with the SW movies. Like you saidn, a SW without him just wouldn't be the same.

    Hugh Jackman with the Avengers? Yes please! We need to see this!

    Thanks Tridon & Snollygoster.

  5. New Halloween could be good! Good work you camera friendly beardy Canadian;) Thanks Tridon & Snollygoster. spass

  6. I would LOVE to see Hugh Jackman in the Avengers… I don't think he can resist 😛 Thanks Tridon & @Snollygoster

  7. I think Hugh Jackman'd return if he was called on for an Avengers movie. He's said before that he'd be willing to reprise the role if the X-Men & Avengers ever crossed over & I could see it happening sooner rather than later after the Disney/Fox deal.

    Spawn not talking in his own movie? Weird choice! Not sure what to make of that!

    And definitely gonna pick up one of those Duke controllers!

    Thanks Tridon & Snollygoster

  8. you must learn patience my northern friend

    on tips of how to do so, search for boot to the head on the tube and watch it for intructions


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