*Betty Rate : I Give this Game 4.6 Stars
Reviews : This game worth playing 50 minutes.
Game Ideas: 4.8 Stars (of 5 Stars)
Game Story: 4.1 Stars (of 5 Stars)
Game Art Design: 4.8 Stars (of 5 Stars)
Game Smoothness: 4.6 Stars (of 5 Stars)
Game Music: 4.6 Stars (of 5 Stars)
Is This Game Worth Playing ? Yes. *Betty Rate = Game Ideas 30% + Game Story 10% + Game Art Design 20% + Game Smoothness 20% + Game Music 20%
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#irium iRIUM GamePlay and iRIUM Game Review from Official Dreamplay Games Music
Ideological conflict within the world of Irium, exploring the true essence of an Inner living within a simulacre.

Nguồn: https://inst-wd.com/

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