Steven Rinella and Kevin Murphy give step-by-step instructions for the best method of skinning a squirrel.

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  1. Some people may find this uncomfortable to watch, but you have to realize that this has to happen in order for food to be on your table, they don’t just go out and borrow some meat from an animal then let them be on their way. We can’t pretend like this doesn’t happen, and those who do in my opinion are foolish.

  2. So let's get this right if it takes you 1 to 2 minutes to clean a squirrel just like you showed you that's a good deal you don't have to be fast just be girl you're shooting with a shotgun you might have some shot that you have to dig out the fuel is that you've been out hunting and he got a couple of squirrel has been doing this since 1970 that's a lot of squirrel

  3. I have that exact skinning knife! Bench made skinner ridge! I haven't used it yet, but I see it is somewhat popular, can't wait to see how she performs!

  4. I never like the taste from squirrel. Not my flavor of taste. My dad hunted them before and ate it once when I was a kid.

  5. If you save the ribs from about 25 or 30 squirrels their excellent excellent to make stew squirrel and rabbit stew is a really good mix and I liked it a lot

  6. I'm liberal and all in my economic beliefs, but I'm glad the blue retards haven't found this video. There would be so many dislikes, it would be upsetting. Hunting and pest control is something to be appreciated and this video is just awesome and educational. I actually love watching squirrel and rat pest control videos. Super entertaining. I also don't think this should be age restricted. That's stupid.

  7. You can save the tails and use them for crafts or womens accessories, got use everything to make some money and respect the animal, great video!

  8. You know times are about to get tough when youtube starts recommending videos on how to skin animals for preparation. lol

  9. shot one last night and tried this method….. I need practice but I did fry em up and ate him much to my wife's disgust 😆


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