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Put in an application there if you would like to join!


►Why don’t you always overlay what weapons you are using?◄

Sometimes people see an epic kill streak, and they want to buy that weapon because they think it will grant them that epic-ness. But it it’s never the weapon, always the user. A lot of weapons you see me use, I actually dislike, but I want to get them Auraxiumed. So I don’t want people to see a weapon I used, get all excited about my kill streak, then go buy the weapon, and find out it is disappointing. If you really gotta know the weapon, feel free to ask in the comments.


►Most of the music I use is from EVE. You can find it on this website. Primary credit is to Jon Halur.


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  1. anyone know how to fix this stupid problem, every time I try and add a character it says 'could not add character'… please anyone know what to do because the recursion tracker forms are terrible and their support email is not even a real email. I have tried repair and uninstall.

  2. It wont allow me to add my character for some reason. It keep saying cannot add player. When i go to PS2 player to try and find my player ID it pops up with and error then just sends me back to the home page. If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated!!!!

  3. I'm dumbfounded. I can't use this tool because it keeps telling me my password is incorrect. It isn't. I even changed to be double sure. Something's wrong with it.

  4. Amazing, I was trying so hard to find out what option enabled the red dot for days. Turns out, its not even in the fucking game. Thank you a lot.

  5. For the life of me I cannot get this to work. I tried everything. All i want is the crosshair with no bullshit overlays and voices.

  6. recently really got into the game after years of trying, they optimized the game a lot better and it runs much smoother. then i saw your video and finally understand how to play the game and how its suppose to be played. By having an argument with glados every moment of it.

  7. about the crosshair on screen: I still think that if you have something extra in a game that's not default or not easy accessible for others, its consider cheating. but that's my opinion I used it in other games so….

  8. So I have downloaded it and the hud + crosshair works fine. But the Stat tracking is not working for me. The session timer is working ingame but once I get kills etc nothing happens. If some1 can help me with this I would really appreciate it!

  9. This comment is so late I bet you won't even like it! On a side note my real comment is I was wondering what made you start playing planetside? We're you playing with an outfit for the first few weeks or did you immediately join one?


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