How to Play LUCIAN ADC for Beginners | Lucian Guide Season 10 | League of Legends is focused on playing Lucian and the purpose of this video is to explain the essentials of how to play Lucian and why he is a great ADC to play, if you are new in the ADC role. Remember to Like, Comment & Subscribe!

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  1. Really like this guy! He's got a great voice and attitude for making this kind of video. HOWEVER for a beginners guide he glosses over alot of beginning stuff. Maybe thats just me though

  2. Keep up the good work I watched your Ashe video and just picked up lucian because I’m new. It’s really helping me out as a new league player.You earned a new sub!

  3. i manamune good on lucian?

    Like, tear into bork into manamune and essence?

    finish it with IE and rapid?

    i have mana problems on luc

  4. Hey dude … Can you show us a video how to apply that colors on our game … That looks awesome … And your settings

  5. at 4:10 when shaco came sivir used her flash heal knowing that at 4:27 when shaco reengaged again sivir walks up so close to you that you couldve flash auto attack e auto auto q auto auto and pick up the kill on her and maybe morg as well you should try playing more aggro in those situations

  6. Hey, man, what do you do when your midlaner feeds an AD or AP assassin to the point it literally 1-shots you with a single combo? It happens often and couldn’t get out of Silver last season due to that. (Of course it has to do with the fact that I’m pretty bad and can’t carry, but how can I carry if I don’t even get to play the game? Wat do?)

  7. Hey man, thanks for making this video. I’m hard climbing out out of bronze right now, and I can really only play Jinx and Pyke so I’m trying to expand my champion pool.


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