How to Make a Gantt Chart in Excel

Learn how to Make a Gantt Chart in Excel, including features like a scrolling timeline and the ability to show the progress of each task. Watch as I create the Simple Gantt Chart template from scratch, or download the template:

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0:20 Step 1 – Start with a List of Tasks and Dates
0:44 Step 2 – Set up the Timeline Labels
2:20 Step 3 – Add Initial Formatting to Style the Gantt Chart
4:05 Step 4 – Add the Bars of the Gantt Chart via Conditional Formatting
5:10 Step 5 – Make the Timeline more Dynamic
6:28 Step 6 – Add a Scroll Bar Form Control
7:20 Step 7 – Highlight Today’s Date using Conditional Formatting
7:51 Step 8 – Add Columns for ‘Assigned To’ and Progress (% Complete)
9:07 Step 9 – Show Progress in the Gantt Chart by Shading a Portion of the Bars
11:31 Step 10 – Define Print Settings

A Gantt Chart is an extremely useful tool for project management. You can create a very simple project plan like the one in this tutorial, but if you are a project manager and want more features such as changing the view between daily/weekly/monthly, entering the duration of a task in work days, or color-coding the bars of the chart, download Gantt Chart Template Pro:

My original free gantt chart template for Excel (and Google Sheets) can be found here:


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  1. Do you offer any more formal training for excel or do you just have your YT tutorials? You’re truly a wizard at Excel!!

  2. @Vertex42 thank you very much for the video… It was really helpful! Does anyone know if there is any way that you can make the stuff written under the TASK column to be changing as the date changes? If so, what is the formula that can be used for that? Thanks!

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  7. hi..thanks for that it was really helpfull..however i have one question….when i set "display week to 25" i want to show 25 th week of the year and not the 25th week of my timeline…how do i do this? thank you

  8. Will this chart still work if I add in line items e.g. task 2.1.1?

  9. Is it possible to add dependent tasks?? Thank you very much for your help!!

  10. The most productive and concise YouTube I've ever watched. I followed the project through from beginning to end and produced the Gantt chart that I needed in my current work. It took me two hours of carefully following every step, but the results speak for themselves.

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  16. i stopped at this point
    =AND(E$5>=$B7, E$5<=$C7)

    when i apply the above rule exactly like the video it doesn't show the chart or anything

  17. My programme is spanning years rather than weeks. Is there a way I can get the date header to simply show Monday and years? Rather than specific days?

  18. Hi i cannot get the last part for the progress. I keep getting errors I have done this chart 4 times and the same error keeps happening. I could use some help

  19. Excelente video, gracias por el aporte. Saludos.

  20. You did it great. Can you add a section in the tutorial on how to split duration of a single activity? Thanks so much.

  21. Great video! But does anyone know how to change the 'Display Week' field so that it actually displays the calendar week? At the moment the calendar week and 'Display Week' (which you could call the "Project Week"), don't match another so it is very difficult to navigate the file when you are working from dates. Thanks!

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  29. I want to know how to manage inventory in excel.
    For construction projects, we use bill of quantity for estimating the cost.
    During the project, the data need to be updated to measure the progress. For example, compression between estimates and actual budget.
    Not only that but S-curve can help understanding to situation very well.
    It’s quite complicated. An expertise in excel can ease out this problems.
    Thank you.

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