How to make a basic website in Dreamweaver

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JackkTutorials shows you how to design a basic website in Dreamweaver

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  1. Channel name should be “jackass tutorials”

  2. I understand the idea of this which is cool, but how do you know or learn the correct codes to type in? (in the code area)

  3. Jack, I can't place your accent, and It's driving me crazy. Other than human, of what group are you a part?

  4. I'm using webcode mobile app.
    😂indian jugaad..
    I'm soo lazy i can't use laptop soo many times.

  5. Not very detailed in your explanations, also you are using a file that doe not come with the package 6 out of 10 for effort

  6. Dislike dont mind sir if you slowly teach and also you zoom every function so every one see your video

  7. English is difficult to me to understand here in the states and forces multiple replaying in order to understand.

  8. the apart model have truly @ *#CLONESITE2020

  9. Proceeds too fast to be a useful tutorial. SLOW DOWN.

  10. loved the word comment "free as im a student WRONG ! so am i its called a subscrtiption of 16 pound odd a month but good info other than tha mate 😉

  11. Yo can I ask what windows theme your using it’s sick bro

  12. Unfathomable at long last !

  13. why it doesnt allow me to add a background

  14. Help investor needed to refine HTML+MathJAX+Bootstrap Editor see

  15. your tutorial is very helpful to to get get source of this tutorial.

  16. Extremely fast for a new person. Too bad!

  17. Hey man this is awesome i never knew u can do horizontal right off the bat html for navigation. Do u have a tutorial for 7 page nav with sub nav.

  18. wrong typo… "style" not "sytle"… just saying ;-b

  19. watching garry's mod tutorials to dream weaver tutorials

  20. idol amazing you solved my problem

  21. Thank you. I am amazed at how different English accents are from the 1980's . I am actually shocked to discover that southern californians have one of the more sexy and intelligible accents on the 2019 planet.


  23. If you spoke slower and IN ENGLISH your tutorial would be much improved.

  24. 3:11 hard to follow since I am on Mac and we don't get any options to add "New text document"

  25. wish you didnt have to put the music in the background its crap

  26. Please dont have a india voice

  27. riblliant, the only problem is im using CC 2018. Which is completely different.

  28. I've created a hyperlink that should link me to another page in my site folder,but when I click the link,it downloaded the PHP/HTML files of that page instead,any idea what's happening??Please help me,I need to hand in my project by next Monday.Please spread the news and tell others to help me,I beg everyone of you.


    I have trouble with Dreamweaver.Please go to this website to help me by answering my questions.


  30. After seeing this video – I will stick to WordPress, which I use on to host it.
    Whew.. no coding needed with WordPress…. Besides WordPress is FREE

  31. Excellent tuition Jack. No waffle, straight to the point. I'm very new to this, but really enjoyed it. Many thanks.

  32. dang u play CSGO? add me 😛

  33. I like the video and how you made a basic page to work as a preset basis for other files; however I didn't like how you back tracked by deleting the CSS folder. It would have been easier to simply put the CSS background image, and that image alone, in the CSS folder, since it's part of the CSS formatting. The other images that are not CSS related could remain in the IMAGES folder.

  34. I found this useful as I now know Dreamweaver is not for me. Its great if you're a coder but not for beginners like me.

  35. Dreamweaver is not actually for beginners. If they will use it they may not know what the code is running behind…

  36. Nice tutorial
    Grow channal click here #shanvipatel

  37. What does the program do what you couldn't do with xampp, a browser, and notepad++ with snippets (or perhaps netbeans)?

  38. Thank you man ur awesome, now i know how to make some stuff about websites

  39. This guy cant code for shit, doesnt even have basic understanding of a lot of html and the syntax involved…. just copying and pasting

  40. buring and speed very fast

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