How To Find And Learn The Most From A Mentor

Mentors have been a HUGE part of my life ,and I talk about them quite frequently. But The traditional mentor isn’t effective. Here’s why.
67 Tips for Game Developers:

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  1. Well, it's hard to grasp the connotation of a "mentor". A wisdom says we all are teachers in some sense, and that a wise man can learn something even from a fool, while a fool learns nothing even from wise men. But if to look for a good advisor – it's really personal, yet it just happens sometimes that you sign in for some courses or in some way hire a "professional" trainer in some field, and the guy you got seems to be exactly the person you needed to accelerate your growth. But when it comes to advise, I personally strongly believe that one should only take advises from those whose way of life they want to mimic in some way. Cause whenever you adopt someone else's views, you're getting closer to following his tracks.

    Anyway, I don't see why it's not possible to be hired as a mentor, if you're a true expert. A lot of people just have some particular questions, which they need to get an answer to, but it's not that basic to be found online. I am one of those people, and I'm struggling to find anyone having the answers. In any case, guys, if someone needs a mentor, I'm all yours 😉

  2. Thank you for this video!!

  3. Biggest takeaway from this video….. I can view my kindle highlights. Sweeet.

  4. Depending on your career path, you can find yourself an agent to guide you, taking a cut when you find a job. A veteran agent can point you in the direction you desire. I did it at the beginning of my career and never run out of jobs since then. For games, I'm still confused more with the audience than with the process. I mean, they only consider indie 2D or super simplified graphics as indies. If I do a semi realistic 3D game, they automatically compare to a AAA budge. I have to do a 8 bits game to avoid this comparison? It doesn't make sense at all (and why only graphics determine that? It's bullshit). I need a mentor to clarify this lol

  5. In my experience for 90% cases:
    Will you be my mentor == Please motivate my lazy ass every day. And do it for free.

  6. Thank for this. I really appreciate your candid advice as always. Be blessed my friend.

  7. So basically your advice is to get out there and make real connections with people until you find a mentor. Because if you naturally connect and complement one another then you will improve each other more and have better discussions that help you advance as a person and in your career.

  8. I've had a Kindle for 4 years that I use several times a week, and although I've been highlighting, I had no idea that I could view my highlights on a browser. Thanks Tim!

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