How to Counter the 10 SUPER BROKEN CORE HEROES – Best Drafting and Picking Tips – Dota 2 Guide

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  1. Great combo men. And easily escape

  2. Your forgetting Mars counters lc good

  3. Speed I need your help dude 😣 I can't rank up, when I play support my cores are really fcking bad, and when I play core my support pick carry hero 🤨 what should I do? Do I need to quit dota? BDW thanks dude for all the tips and advice.

  4. I totally forgot about Brood mid against Invoker. Thanks man.

  5. Invoker IS GOD only broodcounters him

  6. For me its like: Mirana?… take legion. Quop?….legion. broot? LEEGIOON!

  7. Speeed make a video about LYCAN

  8. Viper fucks up qop pretty hard

  9. While its true that a Necro can counter an Axe. If the Axe goes full ham in Battle Hunger he actually counters the Necro. Specially since Battle Hunger is not spammable enough to give him a lot of Wand Charges. at level 5 running to a Necro with level 3 Battle Hunger will take more than half of their health. Also the fact its Magical Damage means his Cloak will amplify the damage. And sure he can heal there, but you just pop another Battle Hunger on top and he's back to less than half health. Also since he will be constantly on the defensive. You can happily cut the lane and either stay there if they don't put pressure or just pull creeps. Even with a Jakiro, which is one of the supports that can annoy an Axe the most and can man up to him, Necro will struggle. Also against Necro you will probably have to go Tranquil Boots, meaning you have self sustain even if they bring you low.

  10. Underlord can be very good against Legion. He also has in-built damage gain from kills, he naturally makes Legion's attacks weaker with his Aura. His Pit of Malice is undispellable. And most importantly, even when played more of a core, he will always go for utility tanking items. Meaning he can tank those duels. And he can potentially gain even more damage if he wins duels against Legion. An underlord with a Crimson Guard and an AC can happily tank and win the duel against LC, even if the LC has won some duels.

  11. Best legion counter is abadon 👍🏻

  12. reaper scythe on bkb pa. top 100 btw

  13. how to counter morphling in lane?

  14. Turn up the pitch on your voice a little higher and you'll sound like Morty

  15. "Invoker is easily get countered by unit heroes"
    Miracle: Yeah sure, let's go

  16. Video with qop counters and you didn't even shout out her main lane counters puck, cmon speed!, nothing and I mean NOTHING dumpsters qop harder in lane than puck, shift and relocating to orb both disjoint her dagger and puck can not only surivive getting jumped on by qop but he also has the tools to catch and kill qop at virtually any point in the game

  17. Doesn't mars do really well against legion with his damage reduction

  18. Why you didn't include the most broken carries which is Jugg and Spectre?

  19. why doesnt meepo ever get spoken of ;-; A good meepo can single handedly kill an entire team, esp in lower brackets.

  20. Invoker is weak Haahahahahahahahahahahgagaag its the strongest laner in the game HELLO

  21. 11:51 What do you mean by kite out BKB time? Cause Reaper doesn't go through BKB.

  22. I think you missed the broken support of Lion against Terror Blade.

    Mana drain instantly kills TB's illusion which he only casts one at a time. It has a pretty low cd at higher level and can even be upgraded with the "+2 mana drain target" talent. Can also drain him of mana pretty fast denying him of using his sunder. And that's just his 3rd skill alone.

  23. 11:52 "You can ulti her to kite out her BKB time" actually that's not true. 7.23 and the mass change to spell immunity where if it doesn't damage through BKB the other effects also won't go through changed that.

  24. This idiot forgot about PUCK…the biggest counter to qop!!!

  25. So we have basically gone full circle back to the russian riki meta of 2012

  26. Cool info overall. I just wanted to point out that relying on enemies being bad (especially before the game even starts since this video is about the picking phase) doesn't really help gain mmr. It makes people pick heroes expecting them to do well, when they shouldn't if the enemy is good. So if they're playing against good players, they'll just get beaten down. Other than that, everything makes sense and should work. Countering as many heroes as possible, especially the enemy's win condition, definitely makes the game a lot easier.
    Also I wanted to mention that blood rite is pure damage, not magical. Hehe.
    I always like your videos Speeed!

  27. How to counter idiot support in SEA server. Stuck legend 7 years.

  28. Nyx counters like half of the dota heros 😂😂😂

  29. this dudes voice is so fucking annoying

  30. Always i counter on lane but always enemy 3 me alone sadddd

  31. Done subscribe and i also hit notif Bell i really need these guides thanks

  32. necesito aprender ingles! 🙁

  33. can Bs really outheal qop dagg dps? they nerfed the heals u get from bloodrage at early stage so u cant really heal that massive dmg taken from qop daggers n hits

  34. dude, to make people subscribe to ur gameleap channel make a video in youtube on what they can get for subscribing 1-3 dollars, and i believe this will help you gain more subscribes on your content,, hope this works out!!!

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