Differences Between PS2 and PC Versions of GTA Vice City. Part 1.
● This is an updated and remastered version of my old video. The changes are listed below.

Since the Playstation 4 version runs on a built-in PS2 emulator. You can also consider this video to be “GTA Vice City PC VS PS4”. However there might be some minor differences, since we don’t know which PS2 game revision is stored inside.

● There is one project called “The Leftovers Fix” which adds missing PS2 details to the PC version.

● Silentpatch. Fixes the game and returns some of these deleted features to the PC version.

Special thanks

● [Guide] Original/Double Pack Version Changes by RARusk

# I used some of his information to make this video. He tells you how to identify your PS2 version and lists their common glitches.

● All footage from PS2 was captured through PCSX2 emulator to make high quality video in 1080p. PS2 resolution is 480i(NTSC) and 576i(PAL) and video would be in a poor quality.
Here is a picture of comparison.

●Remastered video differences
#New design
-Everything is a lot cleaner and smoother
-Added warning section, just to point that I used only the first ever release on PS2
-New end and intro screens
#Added new information:
-Tear gas
-Rain and blood droplets

● Music:
GTA Vice City End Credits
● Sound effects:

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  2. I hate how they just started flipping the sights on the M4 in the 3D era, it looks awful. (And it now reminds me think of fucking Fortnite kids ffs)

  3. I think the PS4 version is a later revision. The CB radio is distorted whenever you're inside an emergency vehicle.

  4. I found a new easter egg in gta vc i swear
    Its on the top of the highest building in the game and not in all the versions of pc

  5. There's an another difference between the two, when the car shifts in the PS2 it shifts normally in between 1-2 seconds while in the PC version it does it in 0 seconds or shifts to the next gear instantly while sliding or jumping.


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