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Developed by David Crane and published by Activision in 1984

From one of the greatest movies of all time, to one one the greatest video games of all time, Ghostbusters on C64 is one of the defining titles for the system. This was one of my all-time favourite C64 games, so creating a QHD recording was a real no-brainer!

David Crane took the carcass of a game he already had in development – Car Wars – and introduced elements from the movie, fleshing it out to create the game we have today.

Taking the concept of running your own Ghostbusters franchise and letting you loose in New York city to bust spooks to earn cash is as brilliant as it is simple. Everything from the graphics to the SID rendition of Ray Parker JR’s classic theme tune just gels together to create something magical.

Time Codes:
00:00 – Theme Tune
04:14 – Gameplay Start
14:40 – Getting Slimed!
44:41 – Enter the Zuul Building



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  1. I remember playing this game a ridiculous amount as a kid. I got great at busting ghosts and making money! That dang marshmallow man though. It was so heartbreaking to put in all that work just to get crushed by him. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to run underneath him or when he was on the side. And putting in almost an hours worth of work just to test a theory was harsh. The first time I got a guy past him I was so thrilled! But my next two got crushed of course. When I finally did get past him I was so excited to see the next part of the game and take on Zuul. Then the ending happened so fast I thought is was a bug or something. Don't think I ever played after that.

  2. Many don't know the subtle strategy with GB that needs to be adopted with whatever car you pick:

    Faster cars mean more hauntings busted and more money made.
    Cars range from slowest to fastest, with the VW Beetle Compact at the bottom and 80's Nissan ZX300 Targa (I think or a Datsun) at the top giving the fastest response time but the least space of 5 items, while the '59 Caddillac Ambulance-Hearse and 80s Station Wagon (Buick RoadMaster?) have middling speed but lots of room.

    Driving the slowest VW is out of the question really unless you're REALLY efficient route planning on the NYC map.while driving the high performance, the portable laser confinement unit that holds five ghosts and ONE trap is more than sufficient with the ghost bait and hoover. I don't think the PK meter is needed in any event. Nice to have, but not essential. Personally I don't bother with the image intensifier, it just stops the slimers flickering. Save your money.

    Route planning? You ask? What am I on about? Well… it's not known by many that the more dots drawn each time you drive to a bust (or you can pick up roamers at any time) on the map, the LONGER your response time on each callout.


    Yes, the amount of dots is time spent on the road, so ensure you have the least dots and most direct route possible on the way to a bust, while touching wandering phantoms to be hoovered up, which translates to more callouts and (potentially) more money. So if you're not good at this, stick with the hearse, it's a good compromise. The station wagon is no good for new accounts as even though it's not super expensive and faster than the '59 hearse, the extra room is a waste and you'd have spent so much on it there won't be eough cash left to equip it properly!

  3. This was one of the games that came with my late model C64 along with Leaderboard Golf that I paid over $600 for A VERY LONG TIME AGO now I play games like Empyrion Galactic Survival and VR games on my PC

  4. just now I was playing Ghostbuster Remastered PC game 2019. Mine….mine how times have changed in terms of computer graphics and sound. I fondly remember playing the C-64 version when I was an 80's kid. I can only imagine peoples reaction if I took the 2019 pc version back then.

  5. I loved playing this at the time. The sampled speech is really clear for an 8 bit. It helped a lot when playing the game when you could afford to buy the fastest car (though you felt you had to choose the stationwagon to match the movie).

  6. Ah, I had this game. It's not a bad game, just goes on for a loooooong time. Marshmallow Man always crushed my hopes and dreams of seeing the ending many a time when I was much younger. Also, is there even a point to suck up ghosts with the vacuum? I never really noticed a money difference.


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