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Red vs Blue. It’s the two default colors to differentiate opposing teams in most games, both video games and in real-world sports. But in balanced games, what if the choice between red and blue made a difference? What if choosing either red or blue would give you a strategic advantage, putting you in a position to win right from the moment you press START? Well, the secret is this: COLOR MATTERS. Which color is stronger, red or blue ?Watch and choose wisely!

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  1. You are sooo right. today I actually ran a highway wearing a crimson/magenta shirt and made out 1000% fine.

  2. Okay this is stupid honestly why did you make it did you just one out of ideas well I don’t mean 2020

  3. Rewatched this in 2020 to decide what LED Lights I wanted to put behind my monitors, uh because psychological science.

  4. Ahem… Well.. mat pat that hurt oof… In the begging of the vid was just oof vtut the middle of the video is wit i lick boi 👉😏👉

  5. I don't know if I am stupid or something but how can you say red team/blue team strategy in LoL when you are always blue and the opponents are always red?

  6. this is why i like games that dont have colors. they just show u as green, and the others as red on regardless of ur team lol

  7. These games are well and balanced right?"

    Tf2 sitting in the back of the class:
    Hears eternally multiple critical rifle shots followed by screams and pain as a faint "appreciated mate" is heard from a distance as the killfeed lights up with headshot icons and a player with some racist name racing to the scoreboard.

  8. Tf2 even makes sure that Red team is the Best if You watch the trailers and even at mvm the RED is protecting base from BLUE robots


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