HEY GUYS! Today I have an EPIC video for you guys! I put 2 of Marvels strongest Villains against each other in GTA 5! Tonight, it’s GALACTUS VS THANOS! Be sure to leave a like and also Subscribe if you are new! 😀

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  1. Thanks for watching guys! Hope you enjoyed the battle! Leave a Like and be sure to Subscribe if you are new! 😀

  2. Everything you said about Galactus was wrong except that he eats planets.

  3. And oh Galactus in the other sense it is too big that the size of his palm is bigger than the size of the earth.

  4. Do you guys know Galactus it's the biggest thing in the Universe but Jesus is the best, the almighty so don't fear Galactus it's just a film making thing.

  5. Galactus isnt a celestial.

  6. Galactus stomps thanos, thanos with gauntlet stands a chance but still gets stomped

  7. Galactus should of won the first battle like in the comic book

  8. You should do Thanos vs Shazam

  9. I know who he is hes my fav

  10. They are both powerful

  11. Doesnt galactus come from Kronos in greek mythology? Kronos literally eats worlds. Lol. Awesome video 👍

  12. Oh my this Galactus so huge I'm like wow and I enjoy this video I will love it! 👍😎

  13. Can you play as Hulk (The Incredible Hulk 2008 MCU skin) and fight against Galactus and/or Thanos?

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