Forest Fight & Thrilling Chasing Scene – Apocalypto (2006) – part 2

Forest Fight & Thrilling Chasing Scene – Apocalypto (2006) – part 2

Released on 8 December, 2006

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  1. I remember watching this in the theater and when they all stopped on the beach it was a “holy shit are they seeing the conquistadors?!” And then bam! Yup…The end of the movie was the beginning of the end for the natives unfortunately.

  2. A master piece from Mel Gibson

  3. Interesting. So the Mayans were being killed by a plague and inner fighting at the same time. Seems familiar. All that's next is outside forces showing up

  4. you fucking poo shut up and play it

  5. Very nyc bt thanks for uploading


  7. i watch this year 200-2004 but y they released 2006? quite confused

  8. Jaguar Paw is so badass

  9. So the hunters ended up being hunted, they forgot some rules…
    "A hunter must know no only about the habits of its prey, he must also know there are powers on this earth that guide men and animals and everything that is living.
    – What kind of powers are you talking about?
    Powers that guide our lives and our deaths…"
    Book Journey to Ixtlan by Carlos Castaneda

  10. and then the conquistadores arrived…

  11. My favorite movie🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Mel gibson was perfect in this movie… All scenes were epic… And those colonisers ships….. A true nightmare for rudy and his pple… A much bigger problem was jus arriving

  13. The intensity of this scene is unmatched. It will never be matched. It's like it could have happened. Mel Gibson is a god

  14. Bhai koi telegram Mai iska link dedo Hindi mai

  15. before the matrix there was apocalypton

  16. christian view on american

  17. Who's here in quarentine days🤗Love love love this movie😘😍💓💕

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