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Fool the Frog – Goliath Games

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Catch the fly in the blink of an eye in this fast-paced game of hide and seek! Players take turns wearing frog-eyed goggles, called Froggles, and trying to guess who is holding the fly. The frog eyes open and close randomly, so when one player wears them the other players must be strategic as they pass the fly back and forth. The object is to conceal who is hiding the fly, while the player with the Froggles tries to guess who has the fly. Correct guesses earn flies; the player with the most flies at the end of the game wins. Fool the Frog is fun for all, because everyone gets a turn to wear the Froggles. Can YOU fool the frog? Requires 1 AAA battery (not included). Includes 1 pair of frog-eyed goggles, 4 frog cups, 10 flies, 1 sticker sheet, and illustrated instructions.

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