#Fiddlesticks Jungle played by sba7, #KRGrandmaster 247 LP
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More information:
– Runes: 00:15 (Electrocute)
– Damage dealt: 31:26
– Ability: 31:31
– Build: 31:36
– Skin: Classic Fiddlesticks
– OP.GG:
OP.GG link maybe not working because summoner name has changed!

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  1. 我觉得这人玩的不怎么样,别说什么王者都不厉害你行。确实这场比赛说实话跟对手放水了一样。第一艾克,塞拉斯,卡萨丁是天克稻草的英雄,野区的遭遇战单打稻草基本一打就4,唯一的办法就是看见立即调头跑。结果这个艾克根本没有抓过稻草一次野,连开局的试探都没有。第二,这稻草技术真的不咋地,前期草丛埋伏巴德那次,应该eqa触发它相位移动天赋走位后再w,这样就既不会被巴德q晕在墙上也能追着杀了巴德。而且这稻草e不是一两次e空,可见并不熟练。第三,这稻草打第一条风龙的时候,对手明显都侦查到了结果没一个人来,就这么让稻草把风龙打完了。要知道稻草的另外一个弱点就是打单个高血量野怪的速度很慢,一旦被抓,基本要丢龙的。总之作为一个国服稻草打野玩家,感觉这个人的视频根本没什么学习价值和参考性,甚至觉得这就韩服王者?怕不是自定义演员导演组视频吧?

  2. So could they just not get a chinese VA for fidd? Only hearing the breathing noises from the English VA 😂

  3. Is this really challenger? 70 deaths combined.
    I make about the same cs as renek at around the same time. (silver I top laner here).

    I did not see anything extraordinary. It was a fiesta at the end.

  4. What the fuck is going on with Heimerdinger why can't he get a buff he's an extremely difficult character to play and then he's weak on top of it the amount of effort that goes into playing a Heimerdinger well is far beyond that of a common champion you have to constantly protect your Q because if you don't and someone destroys it most of your other attacks are useless I looked up the best stats in the world on Heimerdinger and they're still not very good his stun Circle it's so small slow and difficult to hit there's almost no point in having it it is very easy for other Champs to outscale you you have to be thinking ten steps ahead of everybody in the game just to stay alive let alone do well is turnt are so weak and slow to recharge and don't do much damage that most Champions can just Dash through them attacked the hell out of you and dash back out before a turret can even respond let alone before your slow ass stun that's extremely difficult to hit can even do anything the stone on Heimerdinger compared to the alt on ziggs is ridiculous most Champions can stand on the outside of his turds anyway and shoot them down in some way before you can hit them with that tiny stun when will Heimerdinger get a buff This is BS he's played by 1.5% of people that's an extremely small percentage when is something going to be done about Heimerdinger

  5. He has a good macro, but he clearly hasn't mastered the champion yet, and his clearing is also inefficient.
    few tips for all the new fiddle players:
    1. fiddle doesn't need a leash. not giving a leash would let your botlane have lane control, and enemy wouldn't know which side of the map you started. not getting a leash wouldn't slow down your clear either, since fiddlle can take 2 camps at the same time.
    2. normally you wouldn't take golems after red, unless you want to do a full clear, or you want to early gank botlane.
    3. E the jungle camp/dragon over wall, then use Q, it does A LOT of damage.
    4. smite early, so your W will do more execute damage.
    5. control ward+red pot > refill pot
    6. I don't know why no one is taking hextech flash, it's super op on fiddle, no matter you're playing support or jungle. A usefull trick: you can hextech flash out of a bush, then press W immidiately, it will fear everyone around you.
    7. if you're sure that enemy jungler starts from botside of the map, then take enemy's topside buff at level1. often times enemy jungler will try to invade your botside jungle after finding out his buff is stolen, call your teammates and kill him. this works extremely well in gold to low diamond.

  6. Fiddle shouldn't take refill pot. Grab a pink and one red pot. Double vision early can help so much. He has great sustain. He doesn't really benefit from the refill that much. Good game tho

  7. He died because of stupid things he did. No special gameplay or anything new he showd in that game.
    Just a normal gameplay by someone that don't know what to do with fiddlesticks. Thinking the only thing that matter is to fear with ur ulti.

  8. I'm gonna miss old Fiddle but the new one is definitely much better. His jungle game is much better now. Hell, he can actually solo red buff and birds at the same time at lvl 1 with his W.

  9. I know this isn't sup but an e q w combo starting from out of vision does chunk most bot lane champs quite hard. This is my experience over 10 games on release day


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