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THIS WAS THE ONE GUYS!!!!! And what a surprise too. I had set this night up already having a 191+ file ready to use at the end of my stream, in the hopes I would get my 151+ file up to 191+ and have *two* tries. I was prepared to go late into the night.

My first 191+ file was dicey….no steel, no reraise, but a respectable amount of other pomanders in stock. I also had never stepped foot in 191+ solo before. Yeah I have in LP and as a Duo, but it doesn’t duplicate a solo experience.

From a majority of the attempt, it looked like it would just be a prog run, but low and below, RNG was kind to be *finally*, and gave me a path to the end!

Thanks to everyone who was there live, and thanks to anyone watching it now.


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  1. I'm doing the solo run as well, but seeing how many sustaining pots you have makes me doubt I'm ready. How did you get so many? And how many do you suggest having for 151-200?

  2. Hey! I was wondering if you had to start from level 1 POTD every time you died or if you could use the built in skips?

  3. btw, how do u think, may be in next addon SE create new deepdung? 1st DD is potd, this is ARR or HS (idk), next SB, but… i dont understand why shadowbringers havnt DD, so muxh ideas for this in new world.. uhh

  4. what i can say after 4 months chill in other games and back in ff14? ye *look at potd*: "Aaaahh shit, here we go again". And i hate little blizzard demons on 151-159. Amazing debuff

  5. Damn it i haven’t been able to play potd in the past 2 months , uni didn’t give me any chance , now i have one day off i’ll try to get back into it . I’d appreciate any advice for 160 boss? he killed me twice and i’d like not to die to him again ? One time was greed steel ran out at 2% and i thought it wouldn’t be necessary to pop one he two hit me while i was running out of his bleeding , i can’t remember second one well , ty your videos are still very helping

  6. Do you use Surecast to block his knockback…I took it off my hotbar because Im not good mechanically so less buttons.

    Also how do you run backwards without "walking backwards"if that makes sense.


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