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3rd Necromancer complete, and all NA Data Centers cleared!

My journey to get Necromancer on all NA DCs comes to a close. This run doesn’t show too much overly different from my other attempts, except it *is* the most recent, so it takes into consideration changes to RDM and possible adjustments to enemies (though, none worth noting).



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  1. Hi Angelus. Hope you doing well. Thanks for all the informative videos and streams on HoH and PoTD solos. I recently got to 93 with GUN after only 3 attempts from watching guides. I've seen a few people asking already, but I'm wondering if you have any advice on 81+ and best way to approach them? The damage is a little intimidating, and i entered 91 with 1 magicite, 1 petra and 1 flight.

  2. bruh, 199 fall (rdm), time is out, no 1 rage or flight, but i got 2 lust from 3 afflu, yeeeee… feelsbadman. Nvm, next time i clear this hell

  3. try mch for clear… 198 rip, time is out, just 0 gold chests, fortune sucks, only silver and bronze.. bruh, again go rdm for clear, but i hate 181-189, this is dogsht floors. And mimics.. mimics and this permanent debuff t-t


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