This is the first time I have ever soloed Tisiphone successfully. Though I obtained the achievement for 150 clear in this vid, this is an alternate character. My first solo attempt at Tisiphone resulted in timing out on PLD on my main character, Vicious Zvahl. Tisiphone is a very brutal fight to solo, as she has two sets of adds, both with their own problems, and she deals high damage. The first set of adds are zombies that grab your feet. Fortunately you can kill them while bound. The 2nd add, the Fanatic Succubus, is the real problem. Many people think that when Tisiphone eats her, it increases the power of the subsequent AOE, Blood Rain. This is not true for Tisiphone. All that the succubus add does is restores her health upon being eaten(it gives her remaining HP to Tisiphone). This makes soloing Tisiphone very difficult for low DPS jobs, and Rage pomanders are necessary for all non-DPS(or have 28+ mins on clock on pull).



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  1. Firstly, impressive. Secondly, if all Tisiphone eating the succubus add does is transfer the succubus's remaining health to her, is just focusing Tisiphone not viable, or maybe even recommended? I saw that by the time you got the add low, Tisiphone's vuln up was wearing off; seems like if she eats the add and restores her HP no matter what, it might be better to just tunnel her. Unless I'm missing something, anyways.


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