In preparation for the launch of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers we reached into the vault for this one to show a quick means of getting those jobs leveled up. Palace of the Dead is hands down one of the fastest ways to level to 50 in FFXIV. This guide on PotD covers general mechanics, tips, and a solid visual experience. Check it out!

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  1. So, I just did the 51 – 60 level on PoTD…how do I repeat it? I think I reset my instance if I start my progress over.

  2. 4th week in this game and just got my white mage to level 80. Now going for astrologian and guess what I got in my recommended? I’ve never been happier, thank you!

  3. For a second I legitimately didn't know wtf you were talking about. And then I realized you just pronounce astrologian completely wrong. 10/10 would watch again.

  4. Thanks for the video!

    Just one fast question as a new player with a friend (BRD and BLM) we are now level 39 doing the main quest which ALWAYS leave us basically one level off.

    Atm we are exping using standard dungeon and Exp roulette but the main issue is the waiting timer to enter one, since we are DPS are about 10 to 15 m wait to half a level not counting dungeon time.

    I saw that you advise doing 10 runs and exit; It's that more efficient?
    My free time is crying with our current exping method ahahah

  5. you can only go from floor 1 to 10 on a free trial, I just tried it and it wouldn't let me continue, but this is a good way to level anything past your first job. the first one you just do the MSQ to level up, its pretty simple, I just started my second one and I found it hard to level with the lack of steady XP, so this should do nicely until level 35, which is the cap for free trials. the plan is to level every job I find interesting to 35, then pick a main one and sub and level that to 80. I think I'll go with warrior, Paladin, Arcanist and Archer and just leave the rest at level 1 or, well, the rogue is level 7 and the Taumaturge is level 17, but I'll leave them there for now, I prefer tanks and ranged dps that are simple to play and according to videos I've seen, the black mage is not for beginners, so I'll leave it be for now.

  6. 17:02 little note, from patch 4.1 onward, players only need to be level 15+ to unlock Glamours. Don't have to be level 50 anymore for that.

  7. so i realize Im a little behind here, been playing since the start of HW and never quite saw the appeal. Usually doing 10 floors gets me one level, but I feel like for the amount of time it takes that maybe im doing it wrong or that theres something better out there

  8. Hey there! Nice video! I was curious if I am doing something wrong or if they patched it? I ran 40 floors and went from level 5 to 12. Is that typical?

  9. so if your level resets when you go in how do you get xp for your actual character?
    Sorry if that doesn’t rlly make sense I just started.

  10. Great content dude. I just came back after leaving back when ARR first came out and heard everyone talking about this. Keep up the the great work, and thanks for all the info!


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