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Farkel is the fast-paced and addictive dice game that cleverly pairs chance with risk.

Players start their turns with six dice and can keep rolling as long as they score points. If you don’t score (known as a “Farkel!”), you lose all of your accumulated points for that round.

Balancing risk and reward is essential as scoring dice must be removed after every roll. With each roll, the risk of losing it all increases — but so does your chance for points!

Farkel is family-friendly fun for ages 8+. Choose from the Farkel Game Set with Dice Rolling Tray and travel-friendly Pocket Farkel.


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  1. I need help. If you can figure out if there is a world record for the longest running game of farkle. Please tell me. I've been playing a game and just got to 1mil. Plz help. Lol


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