There’s ELECTRICITY in the air with another heart-stopping challenge with Egoratpro!
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  1. It’s too bad he couldn’t find the 3 shock button. I have this game. That’s epic—only the first person after the music stops doesn’t get shocked.

  2. When you watch this in 2020 and get all sad and emotional because you remember the situation with Mark, these guys and….Daniel 😭😭😭💙❤💙❤💙❤

  3. Matt: Im the only one who hasnt been shocked '0' :))

    Mark: Yeah, well we'll fix that >:)

    5seconds later

    Mark: Gets shocked THIS IS BULL!!

  4. Coments:
    10% The description typo
    40% Markiplier Getting shocked
    50% Matt's Scream like it's going to explode

  5. Finally some royalty free music in a video that hasent been ruined by a certain fat fuck called KidBehindACamera…. WINK WINK


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