Electric Chair, Live Wires, & More SHOCKING 'Fear Factor' Challenges | MTV Ranked

A look back at some of the most shocking challenges on ‘Fear Factor’ including electric chair torture and taser gun threats.

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  1. These 7 Challenges will make you NAUSEOUS🤢 https://youtu.be/TN_zdnpUFiE

  2. the people watching who are like cheering when people mess up… no. just no.

  3. when i tell you i could NOT be on this show…

  4. ludacris is defo enjoying this

  5. I died at the 3 one 😭😭

  6. Why’s this remind me of saw

  7. What the hell 🤬

  8. So we just gonna ignore the fact that the girl from Bella and the bulldogs was on here 3:24

  9. The first girl is sooo annoying “I think it’s broke” “I usually have people do that for me” that’s why I lmao 🤣 when that dude said “don’t break a nail” cuz she’s like one of those basic chicks. I’m sorry just the sound of her voice is annoying

  10. Tốn mấy trục đô la hoặc mấy triệu đô la và để người chơi vào cái nguy hiểm

  11. Me :ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Them :ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Also me : I want to do it


  13. the one with that girl in the chair and the hoop one made me just wanna cry

  14. The girl on the red team for number five is definitely belle from belle and the Bulldogs


  16. That girl went face first into the fence

  17. I feel the the host just likes it when people are in immense pain

  18. First challenge in this vid didn’t seem so bad tho

  19. that lasers don't look so bad…
    also that tazers seems fine to me 😀

  20. Lmaoooo what's the penalty could have just ran through and take the pain

  21. https://youtu.be/Ft1DcYkZzg4

  22. My fears are: clowns,actually getting wasted,my friend or best friend leaving me, people who hate lesbians…

  23. If I was on this show best believe this me through the whole thing 8:02

  24. They deserve way more than $50,000 they could die they deserve like $50,00000 and a car

  25. Lmao i can't with the first pair, "i think its broke"

  26. fear factor is my WORST FEAR ON ITS OWN. I just imgine myself on fear factor i would DIE.

  27. I would have skipped through those lasers if I was last. No one said that were counting the lasers. 😂 It would be painful but it's more painful to get shocked 5 times minimum and lose 50k soooooo… 🤑

  28. “ I think it’s broken “ wtf 😭.

  29. This is my favorite YouTube channel like in the whole entire world

  30. I love your videos and everything, but I just don't like how you make videos about how people get hurt, like, they're actually hurting you, just put it online, I still love all of you guys, you guys like the most the night watch, but I just don't like how people are always getting hurt.

  31. still dk Im Such A Noob Jk Lol

    Im Still A Noob But Why Lasers Texting People And Chair Lasers And I have ***** You Why Still such A Noob

    And Idk Why This Can Do This Tho And Np About Me Its Laggy Im Texting Right Now in My Mind And You ** Lasers Keeps Calling ** And And And Im so Dead Of This Story lol And you Lasers Me And you Such A Pro Out Of This And Im so Dead

  32. i cant Do That Lasers Bc Im Scared Ahh I Will Not Get A Glass But Why Fear Factor Challenge And Idk Why Ans Being so Scary Thats Why all ** And All I got To Avoid All Lasers That calls *** Im Asking Why You Challenge Her so High😕

  33. 12:14 omg❤️ awe!

  34. Honestly this one was just fucked up

  35. This is just stupid. Its so dumb. Why would they do that!?

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