A look back at some of the most shocking challenges on ‘Fear Factor’ including electric chair torture and taser gun threats.

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  1. The first girl is sooo annoying “I think it’s broke” “I usually have people do that for me” that’s why I lmao 🤣 when that dude said “don’t break a nail” cuz she’s like one of those basic chicks. I’m sorry just the sound of her voice is annoying

  2. My fears are: clowns,actually getting wasted,my friend or best friend leaving me, people who hate lesbians…

  3. I would have skipped through those lasers if I was last. No one said that were counting the lasers. 😂 It would be painful but it's more painful to get shocked 5 times minimum and lose 50k soooooo… 🤑

  4. I love your videos and everything, but I just don't like how you make videos about how people get hurt, like, they're actually hurting you, just put it online, I still love all of you guys, you guys like the most the night watch, but I just don't like how people are always getting hurt.

  5. still dk Im Such A Noob Jk Lol

    Im Still A Noob But Why Lasers Texting People And Chair Lasers And I have ***** You Why Still such A Noob

    And Idk Why This Can Do This Tho And Np About Me Its Laggy Im Texting Right Now in My Mind And You ** Lasers Keeps Calling ** And And And Im so Dead Of This Story lol And you Lasers Me And you Such A Pro Out Of This And Im so Dead

  6. i cant Do That Lasers Bc Im Scared Ahh I Will Not Get A Glass But Why Fear Factor Challenge And Idk Why Ans Being so Scary Thats Why all ** And All I got To Avoid All Lasers That calls *** Im Asking Why You Challenge Her so High😕


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