EF2000 is a combat flight simulator video game released in 1995 for the PC DOS. It is the sequel to Digital Image Design’s earlier software title, TFX.

EF2000 is a combat flight simulator of the Eurofighter Typhoon (EF2000) aircraft, featuring detailed terrain of the Baltic region. It supports virtual reality goggles. Graphics features included naturally irregular topography, clouds and darkening skies at high altitudes.

Gameplay consists of quick combat, simulator (free flight mode), training, multiplayer and campaign mode. The game featured a dynamic campaign that simulating a campaign set in northern Europe. Missions require the player to evade ground-based and airborne defenses. Mid-air refueling is included.

MFDs allow player to attack both flying and grounded targets with a range of weapons, including precision-guided munitions, missiles and unguided bombs. Spot view allows for remote viewing of targets, enemies, friendly forces or the player’s own EF2000. With padlock, the computer could lock onto a target and follow it around the cockpit even when the target maneuvers from in front of the player’s aircraft.

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  1. This game came free with a PC that I bought with the money I made at a summer job when I was 16 in 1996 or 1997.

  2. The flightsim that showed how it should be done.
    After this flightsims like Falcon and Flanker you needed to have military flighttraining before you could play and then it still wasn't a lot of fun.

  3. I loved all the orignal 'shaded polygon graphics' games way back when.
    But how on earth did i put up with those low framerates?

    Check out Driller for the ZX Spectrum for 2 fps fun!

  4. If that music is soundblaster midi (which I'm sure it is) then I have to say, Adlib / Soundblaster fm music can be pretty good!

  5. i remember playing this game as a 5 year old. my father had no idea that this game is not for kids haha. i had no idea what i was doing. would love to play again today to see if i'm better today.

  6. Wow, I flew that, seemed like the weather was always bad, even if you set it to good, lol! I don't remember too much now, but that screen sure brought back memories.

  7. My great old sim,spent many hours on it from daylight to daylight. Always love that English accent. The graphic, the music, the terrain, the dinamic campaign man……one of the best flightsim ever created.

  8. Pretty damn good simulator for 1995 and considering the aircraft had only just entered development in 1994 it’s is incredibly accurate for an aircraft to this day still so classified

  9. OMG I remember everything as it happen yesterday. Hours of gaming I spend for this
    Thank you so much for upload.

  10. Oh man, thank you for that video. I spontaneously had an inexplicable urge to re-do some of this, after close to 20 years out of it, upon getting home a couple hours ago from work. I felt it was literally calling on me…. but couldn't decide whether to go through all the pain of installing on the DosBox etc agaiin. Your video was the critical factor. The results were : 3 KC-tankers blown up due to air collisions, and finally, old reflexes came back, ,anad the hose was ON, right ON. ahahaha I felt like a proud teenage boy again.

  11. I remember I was used to press some combination of keys (I guess Ctrl+R or anything like that) and I got a much more realistic game, but with lower speed because of my PC hardware. You should try it! 😉

  12. I remember getting so frustrated with the air to air refueling in this game. But I spent way to many hours playing instead of studying for college classes.


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