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Rules of the Livestream (violations will result in time-outs and bans)

1. No Political/racial/religious discussion
2. Refer to rule #1
3. The Mods swing the hammer with my authority
4. Do not ask me my personal political affiliations
5. Refer to rule #1
6. If your sentence is not grammatically correct, I will not take notice of it. The same applies for if it is spelled incorrectly.

Preference for Questions will be given to those who have submitted them previously. Your question in chat may not be answered

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  1. Ok at first i think this is cursed but you know what? I'm bored so i'm going to watch the whole video

  2. I dont know what to think of this
    Why does this exists ?
    Should this exist?
    Is there something wrong with this?
    I don't know I just don't know.

  3. Sabine: "Hey, have you considered making China a BLESSED Social Democracy where all ethnicities are equal under a caring monarchy? That's cool that you have an Emperor already… but that Chen Jionming fellow in the South has some good ideas… and is so handsome too!"

    Cue next day, Yun is espousing a Federalist United Provinces of China under Emperor Puyi… and has grown a thick mustache

    Meanwhile, Germany cuts aid and arms shipments to the Qing when Erika reports that Yun was late to class helping a passed-out Totalist girl. XD

  4. A Kaiserreich Dating Sim
    1: I love the version of "Die Wacht am Rhein" in the menu
    2: I taking the fact that it's named "Edelweiss" as proof that the Von Trapp Family Singers still happened in the Kaiserreich timeline.

  5. "Let's face it, people who are into National Populism typically aren't into homosexuality…"

    Ernst Rohm and the SA would beg to, fashionably, disagree.


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