Hey there and welcome back to Skylab Gaming with your host skylab gaming krazian. Today in EASY Iridium Farming – Stardew Valley Iridium Ore Guide I will show you how to easily farm over 1k iridium ore, the lazy mans way.

For this run you will need a few things
– A good sword
– A good pickaxe
– 31 stacks of 999 stone (for staircases)
– 50 of a health restoring food (salad, etc)
– 50 of a buffing food (Miners treat, lucky lunch, poppers)

The basic process is to craft a staircase, replace a stack of stone, drop that stack outside your inventory, place the staircase, pick up the stone stack, and continue downwards in the skull cavern. Rinse and repeat for the first few floors. After you free up an inventory space, craft staircases, place staircases, and repeat until at least floor 300.

Once you hit floor 300 start bombing all the iridium deposists you see. You want to focus on fast bombing, buffering with food, and getting down to lower floors as quickly as possible. If you miss a few iridium blocks, don’t be worried. Do this until you pass out 2 am and voila, run complete.

Now kick back and look at all that iridium you just collected. Enough for basically the rest of the game!

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  1. how the heck do you get that kind of gold and cash to begin with? I've been playing one character several days (my second character, noob) and I have pretty much nothing. I'm in my second Fall.

    Also, LOL, I didn't know you could meet Pam at 9am for the bus, just figured it was permanently out of order.

  2. I tried this with atleast 139 stairs and just 1 lucky meal,coffee and crispy bass
    It worked lmao,goin home with 170+ iridium ore

  3. Stone is super f*cking expensive, if you are in your right mind, don't bother spending all of your wealth on stones, just depends on that statue grandpa has left you if you need iridium 🙂

  4. imagine doing all this for sprinklers when you can easily plant trees which produce every single day a fruit without almost no maintenance or watering. i have been playing this game for a week and i always cringe when people never get ever the watering in the game. money is no longer an issue as i have trees and ducks and mayonnaise and jellies. I make 100k a day without doing nothing. Im done with the game after a week .

  5. I just tried this I got down to floor 320 and I came back with 170 iridium 😢 it cost me over 3 mil lol not worth it

  6. My way:
    Step one: slime hutch
    Step two: acquire red and blue slime eggs
    Step Three: kill all slimes, spawn red and blue ones
    Step 4: get 5 purple slimes
    Step 5: kill red and blue slimes leaving you with only purple
    Step 6: water the dishes for slime, kill the excess slimes for iridium.
    Step 7: Sell the slime, make eggs, or make wild bait.

    The whole think takes about an hour a day for a season, but is very profitable


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