Dimir Mirror: Magic Mirror in Dimir Control

Dimir Mirror! Tuesday Brewsday! MTG Arena – Standard, 10/15/19




All my decks:


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  1. oh great, the game decided to give me 2 copies of those mirrors, this might make them useful

  2. No Lochmere serpent ? 😮😞

  3. October 21st B&R announcement I expect to see Oko, Thief of Crowns and Field of the Dead on the banned list for standard, and hopefully Ancient Stirrings and Mox Opal in modern.

  4. first three games you played so poorly, you shoul won every single one.

  5. Isn't Elderspell a necessity in every black SB in the Oko meta?

  6. That new blue knight that her power is the amount of cards in your hand would be awesome with mirror. BR and u end the game using fling haha i think its hilarious

  7. Deck should be called Dimirror Control

  8. Wait, you actually called it Tuesday Brewsday? Hell yeah, I commented that on the video you first talked about it. Too bad the deck didn't quite work out.

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