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What’s up? What’s going on guys? CaptainMonk here with a Warwick jungle video!
I hope this video inspires some of you to play the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun!

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  1. As a new player ( yes late to the party ) i appreciate that you commentate and explain all your actions, makes it a lot easier to understand, Good shit.

  2. I just had to stop the video to comment… I have just watched 4 minutes and 57 seconds and I have just learned exactly what I wanted to learn about early game jungle!! Jesus thank you for the playthrough and commentary!!

  3. Hey… @CaptainMonkHD Games never usually go as perfectly as yours did.
    Unfortunately everyone is just as much as a poser as you are and have probably been recording 10 games and used the "perfect" one to showcase how to play him.

    No one is interested in seeing someone get lucky.

    Show us something more educational. That of corse means a game that doesnt go perfectly.

  4. Uhhhh… Ults a spellshielded kayn Why can’t I do anything? The ww mechanics weren’t very clean but your commentary is ok. Ads are overkill tho man

  5. As a warwick against a kayn.
    Show them how to counter jungle
    Show them how to track the jungler and catch him of guard
    You playing in plat and just shtting on people because they font play wrll doesnt get anyone anythinh except for the viewcount
    You are slowly evolving into nb3
    Little cappachino flamingo hihi get outa my jungle

  6. I mean,
    I like your vids and they are entertaining but
    I think people that are low elo watch your videos to learn.
    You then playing the champion wrong really isnt good.
    I mean
    Titanic first
    Fcking q max first :\\

  7. I know it’s late but just FYI: for the fight at 6:10 if you held down your q against the Sion you would have gone through him and finished him without your ult, which you could have used to kill the Kayn after

  8. i'm not 100% sure of this interaction, but when as warwick i Q hold a kayn that's walking through a wall, it often force him out of that wall. it might not be systematic, but i always give it a try when chasing a kayn since it sometimes get me a kill.


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