Castle Crashers | Game Spotlight With Haydz

The one and only Castle Crashers! This game was a hit on xbox and has now come to steams as well, I would highly suggest buying this game and playing with some mates.


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  1. Ace of Spades series!
    It's $10 on Steam, amazing game.

  2. ill do the series with u i got this game …. SO FUN

  3. qrtswyysjjgfgsayxcrdzbxcjzdgssgrsuxygxhzxxntfgh uczzfghytdrc

  4. i used to play this on xbox wicked game thanks for playing it haydz

  5. u picked my fav character 😀

  6. thats good how much is it

  7. Can you please do more minecraft pvp series now please

  8. Hey Hadz I think it would be a great idea to make a series on this game and I some of your other subs would too

  9. this game is awesome!!! i got it for like $2.50 off Steam!!!

  10. i have a level 15 orange guy i new

  11. Hey Haydz can you please do a seres on castle crashes because I play it

  12. do more castle crashers. i know not many people didn't like the video but you should realy do more

  13. Good job Haydz. I love these game spotlights. Keep it up!

  14. Free rank. Keep it up I love these spotlights so so so much

  15. Haha I've know castle crashers since the beginning 🙂

  16. When is the result vid coming out?

  17. Love your video's, 50k subs you deserve more just saying. Keep it up mate <3

  18. Cool and congrats on 50,000 subs!

  19. More Pvp and Raid videos please! Tenks! 😛

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