Create your own maze challenge, trade with a friend, and race to the finish line!

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Get lost in Maze Racers, a unique game that combines the frenzied excitement of racing with the creative challenge of design.

Arrange the magnetic maze walls on your board to create a maze that will befuddle your opponent. When construction is complete, swap boards and race to see who can be the first to navigate their ball through their adversary’s construction.

Tilt the board to guide your ball through the nooks and crannies of the course, using your hand-eye coordination and wits to solve your competitor’s creation as fast as possible.



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  1. What if you block the ending so they can never win or a never ending maze so you always finish there first and they rage quit

  2. this isn’t a very good toy for me because i can’t even build a maze on a daily bases so for me to do one in a minute no thank you


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