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A great game to try during this time when kids are home and when we can try new things.
You can order this game here :

Why brain teasers games ? How do they help kids?
Brain Teasers triggers :-
1. It promotes Logical Reasoning
2. Builds Concentration
3. Promotes Spatial Intelligence
4. Supports Brain Development

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Sharing below the links of all the various Brain Teasers/Logical Reasoning activities that we have done.
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1.Brain Teaser/ concentration/logic activities : 4 -5 yrs:

2.Logic/ Brain Teaser activities 4-5.5yrs:

3.Brain Teaser/Concentration Games- Activities- 3 to 5yrs :

4.Brain Teaser/ Logical Activities – 4 to 6yrs :

5.Logic/ Brain teaser book – 4 to 6yrs old :

6.Logic/ Brain teaser Activities : 4 to 6 yrs :

7.BRAIN TEASER for 4.5+ :

8.Brain Teaser – spatial intelligence inspired age 4 to 6yrs:

9. Brain Teaser : 3.5 to 5yrs :

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  1. Hello.. nice game. Will keep in mind, to buy once my lol grows up. In between, do you have any videos or game to teach tens and ones place to kids..


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