this is my final year project animation done by my group mates and I in the first sem of 2017! we are from singapore polytechnic, and worked on this animation in collaboration with sbs transit to educate singaporeans on certain things to do and take note of in a train breakdown.

on behalf of my group mates, i would like to thank sbs transit for the amazing opportunity in being able to make this animation! it is currently being screened on mrt platform tvs at the downtown and northeast line!!

group members:
sabrina lim (myself): worked on all pixel art and sprite animations
abelina chua: worked on compositing and storyboarding plot A
grace tan: worked on compositing and storyboarding plot C
jaren lee: worked on compositing and storyboarding plot B


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  1. saw it a few a weeks ago on dtl line and i found it again through reddit!! nice job i really like it!! here's where i found it from

  2. Great job on it, saw it played in the stations. =)

    from your part-time 2D animation mentor that couldn't do much mentoring apart from asking you to fix a tiny error in the animation walk cycle loop lol.

  3. Nicely done. And cute graphics. I still use my trusty DSi. Real Soccer and Extreme Space Invaders rock, as well as Chinatown.

  4. The instructions caught my attention during my trip back on the NEL. Great effort with the story and visuals! 🙂


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