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Rick and Morty: Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind Deck-Building Game on BoardGameGeek:

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  1. But what you didn't mention is that the card backs are the same as the DC deck builders so if you wanted to just make your DC deck builder a bit random you can actually just mix them in and use it as a weird expansion

  2. So I have to watch a different video to watch this one??? Well I'll just watch a video that actually explains it.

  3. What interests me is if this has more card destroying cards (you mentioned that that was your problem with the DC one) because that's exactly what I like to do in deckbuilding games. Especially with the fact in mind that some of the bad cards can be useful if you get the right cards makes the option of destroying cards very interesting to me.

  4. If you don't like people rushing to the conclusion that someone is guilty, maybe don't rush to the conclusion that they are innocent just because you like them. fucking idiots lol

  5. Go prozd! We love you and hope you'll keep making content! Ignore the haters! Believe in your self; don't lose your waaaaay I believe in you! In the night you can do this! We've got to fight as one

  6. I played this. It was fun, but it was the end of a party night and I fell asleep. All I remember is being upset I had a Jerry in my hand. (Who I passed on when I went to nap)

    Wish I coulda willpowered myself to stay up :/

    Thanks for doin fun themes! Youre awesome ProZD!

  7. so the dislikes are about Vic? lol, then he kinda deserves it. I don't know if Vic is guilty, but ProZD definitely doesn't know either. there's no actual evidence, some things have even been proven to be fake, and he hasn't gone to court or been convicted of anything. innocent until proven guilty. you do realize that there's a possibility he's completely innocent, right? jumping on a side and accusing him when you've never even interacted with him is ridiculous.

  8. I just clicked on the most recent video I saw to tell you that it would he really helpful if you made a "Goofy Sings" playlist (can't seem to find it IF it's already there).
    I wanted to listen to more but they're hard to find so I only get the hear the ones that happen to come across my feed.

  9. Everyone needs to chill out.

    Yes, what is happening is unfortunate but this isn't the way to go about it.

    This is his opinion. You do not have to like it, but you should respect it.

    Note for ProZd; If you are for the victim's/survivors. You can support them while not needing to mention the accused. Without needing to say "it's been a long time coming". For that I feel nothing but disappointment that you would wish ill will on another person regardless if it is deserved or not. Whether if that is what you meant or not, that's how I interpreted it as.

    To everyone else; before you toss up another hate post or toxic message. Take a moment and think it over. What is there to gain in all of this? A moment of self satisfaction? Is this what we are now? The truth will inevitably come out and what will be, will be.

    Do good.

  10. While im not going to dislike bomb your videos cause there is little point to it I'm just here to give my opinion which is: Most of if not all of the accusations have been proven false along with a lot of proof of tampering with evidence to make him look bad. Again I am not here to hate just give my opinion. If i get attacked for this than so be it.

  11. You know, all these shows/movies/tv shows get card games, always wonder if they are any good. I love Rick and Morty so I'm down for this.

  12. Hey sung won. How do you feel now that’s there’s talk about fake evidence of Vic’s “sexual harassment?”


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