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Biko can be described as a “stalking simulation”. You play as Akira, a guy who stalks pretty girls. When you make your choice from the five available girls, you have to stalk and pursue them through various city locals.

After you successfully pursue the girl through several areas you finally run her down and are presented with a number of CG images, animation and eventually an interactive 3D rape scene. But the ending depends on the choices that you made in the beginning – you may get a romantic ending, sadistic ending, or the girl might just run away.

The game’s 3D graphic engine is based on the one used in Des Blood 2.


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  1. I don't suppose you are particularly an expert on rape simulators… 🙂 But since you've made a video of pretty much every single retro game ever made in history, I feel like mentioning that this game reminds me of a game I once saw one of those old Japanese-only systems, something like the PC-98 or X68000, which was basically of a similar premise: you had to chase a woman through a park, and if you caught her, then you would "convince" her to engage in sexual relations with you. I seem to recall that the title of the game was just a 3-digit number. That's all I remember now… Have you thought about doing a series on every X68000 game ever, if you haven't already? 🙂


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