Red vs Blue is one of the most influential pieces of Halo media created by Fans. Red vs Blue Easter Eggs are in almost every Halo Game from Halo 2 up until today.

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  1. Rooster teeth is a great company but this guy shouldn't have did a video on a topic that most of the fans know more than him about.

  2. I entered the fandom two weeks before they were putting singularity in YouTube! I also saw a bit of the season 1 when I was a kid ( I was seven and that was in 2013?)
    It was a great show!

  3. im surprised you didint mention that theres a achievement in Reach called "how did i lose my fingers" which is a reference to caboose visits the halo reach campaign

  4. They need to make a game where Chief and blue team Have to work with The Reds And the blues to get cortana am I right ?

  5. 8:15 i used to be a god at griffball, id win like 5-7 games a night. And then if i got bored mid-game id run around and assassinate people.

  6. RvB is still on Netflix but they are going to take it off end of the year so be quick if you haven't watched it yet

  7. Its sad that the newer players to Halo or the players that will come in Halo:Infinite, they wont know the origin of Griffball

  8. They should add Caboose as the announcer or even others if there is Church and you keep dying he will judge you

  9. I tried the Cortana thing on my computer, but she said "I like it, but no. I don't want to talk about it." She said the other part of the quote from Red vs Blue.


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