Recently made a Twitter, you should go check it out! I will be posting giveaways and even announcing events I plan on holding with my subscribers in the future!

Twitter: KiddStan_

Want access to my sacred Gaming Domain? Here’s the discord where it all started…the beginning of KodakStan and the Finesse Squad! You can even find some of the Finesse Gang members speaking in voice chat or catch us gaming and recording a video!

Discord Link:

I Finally made a ROBLOX Group with Roblox Merch! Join the group here and check out the catalog for your Finesse Squad Merch:


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  1. Something awful happened to me today. I was playing the game and I found out that u could buy fruits in this game. I got very exited and started server hopping to farm the third island’s boss to be able to buy a devil fruit. (I had gomu at the moment BTW) I finally hit the 250,000 berry money and rushed over to the Devil fruit seller. I bought a fruit and I got a transparent fruit, I thought it was cool and immediately ate it without researching on what it was. Little did I know I had made the biggest mistake in the game, I had all my stats on my devil fruit because gum was really good then. I saw that u could become invisible and I looked at the abilities and I finally realized that it was the clear clear fruit I had ate or the suke suke nomi. It’s literally the worst fruit in the game because u can only become invisible and ovservation haki user can see you. I was stuck in that position on the game and tried to ask people for help, but the people who could help were all toxic and just said to not play the game and other mean things. The only people that wanted to help and were nice to me were the ones who couldn’t help me. So I thought for 2 straight hours and I came up with an idea to create a new account and get a different devil fruit to give to my main account so in can progress further into the game. This was a long roller coaster today. I am not rich enough to get a random devil fruit for roblox BTW.

  2. I entered the video wanting to see awakaned pika… but first i need to hear this YouTuber and im bored, and i am going to close the video and im not going to see awakaned pika


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