I’ve broken my own lifetime record by lasting for ‘SEVENTEEN AND A HALF’ minutes (17:33), with 60 million points in Survival Mode, which I and spectators have witnessed on this live stream: on 22nd November 2019.

Moreover, I am now quite certain that this will be a record of YouTube ever broadcasted and, most remarkably (and most possibly), a WORLD record! I’ve been playing this game for about a decade, but I’ve never reached that long before!

Interesting Stats:
Game Time: 17:33
Points Scored: 60,621,830
Biggest Combo: 17
Maximum Combos Created: 12 times
SUPA Weapons Used: 5 times (Sprocket’s Fusion Warhead)

Remark: Frame freezes and skips may occasionally occur due to inconsistent streaming quality.

Nguồn: https://inst-wd.com/

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  1. Awesome time! Did you use a controller? On Xbox 360 my best time is 10:13 if i remember. The top scores on Xbox in Survival are around 15 minutes so you are definitely ahead! This game mode gets so difficult after around 9 minutes or so.

  2. galactic combo!!! Whew, what a start. Im so so glad to see another astropop player after all these years, I almost thought it died and I just saw your vid. Thanks for bringing the nostalgia.

  3. I miss this game so much……. last time playing is like 9 years ago. Btw how can I get this game for now…. //ps. I'm thai too. can talk to me in thai :3

  4. oh boy im very excited to see a new astropop player
    you should join our discord which is linked on the speedrun.com page


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