My first video that exceeds an hour.

AstroPop is an old game made by PopCap.

Due to this being the first Magical Drop style game I ever played, I thought I’d do a video of it.

I play through Classic Mode from levels 1 to 32 using Vector

4:04 – Cutscene 1 – Damsel in Distress
8:08 – Cutscene 2 – Time is Short
14:29 – Cutscene 3 – Rescued!
21:30 – Cutscene 4 – Slacking
29:26 – Cutscene 5 – Big Trouble!
37:25 – Cutscene 6 – Danger Lurks
44:45 – Cutscene 7 – Protoxx Heats Up
52:06 – Cutscene 8 – Stroke of Genius
59:45 – Cutscene 9 – End of the Line? (Ending Cutscene Included)

15:10-15:21 – x12 Manual Combo


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  1. Since you mentioned Magical Drop, is it the first game of this style? I only knew about Magical Drop just now (incidentally watched a video about it), and my first experience with "Magical Drop style games" is actually 零用钱大作战 in QQ Games, which is an online multiplayer variant that sends garbage like Tetris.

  2. What an excellent game from popcap games! I remember playing the demo version on XLBA. It just a shame that there isn't a lot of game play videos.

  3. Oh boy did i love this game, i think it's still on my mother's computer, and actually managed to complete the story as well. It was a blast to play, and the music just kept me pumped and hyper. I still could listen to that tune for hours.

  4. This game gets insane after around level 60 or so. At level 33 you get a new colour brick (Teal). But in the 60's colour bomb bricks do not appear anymore, but on the otherhand the levels are quicker to complete for some reason. I don't know why PopCop would program in this since only a handful of people on the leaderboards have made it that far (on the Xbox 360).


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