The TurboFile by ASCII Corporation is an off-cartridge storage device developed at a time when the Famicom Disk System was not yet released, and battery backup cartridges were still too expensive for Nintendo to produce. It could only save one game at a time, and there way no way to know which game it was if you owned several that were compatible, but that didn’t stop ASCII from making several variations — not only for the Famicom, but other consoles as well.

We didn’t have one when we did our review of the Famicom Data Recorder, but supposedly it is compatible with Castle Excellent. Is that true? We find out!

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SeanOrange is a retro game fan from the US. Vinnk is a retro import fan who took things one step further and moved to Japan. Together they make Famicom Dojo: a web series dedicated exploring the Japanese history of video games and consoles from the other side of the Pacific.

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  1. Actually, Knight of Swords (Wizardry 2) came before Legacy of Llylgamyn (Wizardry 3). I don't know how ASCII got the first two Wizardry sequels mixed up in the first place.

  2. According to Merriam webster, the verb legate is a synonym to the verb bequeath. The definition in this case would be to "hand down" or to "transmit"

  3. the vertical bars on the famicom can be removed or reduced by lifting pin 21 from the ppu and wrapping and grounding the ppu in EMI copper tape. i just completed my first famicom for a buyer tonight.

  4. Star Trek Definition for Legate

    Legate was a rank given to members of the Central Command and high-ranking flag officers in the Cardassian military.

  5. Everything was fine untile you waved your crapPhone in front of us. Why you're showing it off? Looking for people's jealousy, like, "oh, wow, you've got some Apple stuff! I know it's crap, but I still envy you, because everything from Crapple is cool".

  6. I think there were a series of horse racing games that utilized this add on – if they can be played in English – I just may have a new drinking game.

  7. You know how many times I looked past a Famicom cart collection of Wizardry thinking I couldn't play them for they were entirely in Japanese 🙁 now I know I can play them in English :/ dang.

  8. Maybe it's "Move and Negate" with an improper translation? Move and negate meaning it saves your game to the TurboFile and then deletes it from the memory. Just a guess.

  9. Have you ever come across the attachment that Hudson created that logs all your button presses in a game,  essentially allowing you to watch replay's of video games.

  10. Legate is where we get delegate from. I think it was meant to mean to "take care of" or "to save". yeah its just a weird translation of "move and save".


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