Today we’re playing Warwick in the Jungle, have not played him in a while but he is really good fun! It’s was a very intense match with an interesting ending. League of Legends Warwick Jungle Gameplay.

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  1. lol no offense ur probably rlly good at other champions but ur pretty bad with warwick. You waste ur W's and don't know went to gank and when to farm

  2. "you aren't owed a leash" well if you not gonna bother leashing can just not gank at all and lose. Help me help you team work….

  3. Hey huzzy I have a question,
    I love to play midlane and ADC but I can’t really climb with them, I climb the most with support but I can’t stand playing it…. what do I do?

  4. Get rekt you always blame your team mate you think always doing well . varus said am sorry, it happens come on man

  5. No I wouldnt say that is the optimal build for Varus.
    But it is really good if you ACTUALLY LAND YOUR SKILLSHOTS
    Q and R

    Just because Imaqtpie played AP-Varus doesnt mean it is the optimal build.

  6. Sion ulted on the moment Camille’s ult ended. If Sion ults while Camille ult two things can happen:
    – Sion stays in ult but is not/barely moving (TP’d back 100 units or so every time he hits the walls.
    – Sion hits the wall and bounces back, still in his ult.

  7. Huzzy on ww max q first w second or w first q second thats what you prefer but e melax gives you nothing thats worth it

  8. 2 lil things.
    You can use ww q to dodge the dragon knockback after you leash it.
    In a same way, you can use the q to jump behind rift herald and easily proc the eye with the next aa.

  9. Huzzy please hold the Q on dragon so it doesn't knock you away.. those are details, but important ones 😀 it teaches you to use it on champions aswell and predict their moves, muscle memory.

  10. Such a long time didnt see u have a good game! So satisfying! Mid and brand doing very well in hitting those skill shoots

  11. @HuzzyGames hey brother on your headphone problem does it connect with a usb dongle? If so I have a coresarah one thats the usb trips/draws to much power from ish causing a shut off/just lack or connection dunno if your problem but cpuld be thought of try to help you . Keep trucken on that climb also play more when idk why but I lovr your shen vids

  12. I'll admit, Mercs over Tabi's is a little weird to me. All of Sion and Malphite's CC except their slows is knock-ups. So in terms of hard CC, it's really just Bard Q and Jinx traps. Given that they've got two hypercarries and Tabi's are still pretty stronk, I'd have thought them here. Also would've thought Randuin's over Thornmail (double crit, no massive healers). Just my two cents, admittedly I'm not a Warwick player, so if there's something I'm missing here fair enough.

    What happened with that Varus though was hella frustrating, though, my sympathies. Good on you for getting your frustration out in a healthy way at least.

  13. I play League with out sounds all the time, when you think about I been playing league with out sound for the past 6 years

  14. Huzzy obviously doesn't understand how oppressive and obnoxious Sion is in lane. His poke is broken and he has truckloads of cc. He has a guaranteed escape out of any cc if he sees people coming to his lane AND he does tons of damage.

  15. It is pretty stupid to say the jg is not owed a leash, sure they arent, but do you want to win? Because it is in your best interest that your jungler doesnt fall behind in the early game, I actually give the jg first blood if possible.

  16. Found it strange that Huzzy didn't mention the AP varus build while he was saying that they don't have an adc.

  17. Get a wired headset. Wireless is nice but inconsistent signal (99.999% isn't good enough, especially for mice XD)

  18. At min 37 where u killed twitch and ulted him u know u can red smite for extra true dmg( not trynna backseat game just noticed i luv ur videos btw)

  19. Twitch was trying to head her off predicting a Baron pit jump or run around…. And got stomped? I don't know man.

  20. Huzzy did you know that you can do dragon in lvl 2 whit ww, lvl 3 olaf , lvl 4 nunu and shy trage take it some time you will see that help team more then ganks

  21. "Who shops not in their base"
    I need to go put Ornn in that "tell me something Idk" thing for smart assery.

  22. Warwick is such a good solo queue pick right now that I've picked him up. I don't pay jungle I normally play top/support but he's just so damn good and fun


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