Airsoft TTT – Flawless Traitors (ft. Novritsch, Jet, Evike, Airsoftology, BrainExploder)

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  1. I love how when Novritsch starts to panic at 7:22, he just switches to German for a few seconds 😂

  2. Swamp sniper should be on one of the videos

  3. Anyone else love how sneaky Mark was. Basically a Ninja with a gun.

  4. Heh, Matt shot the guy on the high ground twice while they were distracted by another innocent.

  5. Well Done Traitors in 2 Rounds Straight 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  6. D shuffle the cards a weird way

  7. If Jet, Norv and D were traitors, it would be game over

  8. " i'm feeling good about you D. "
    me: you've cyka'd your last blyat.

  9. So 33 percent divided by 3 is 11

  10. The chances of Matt being a traitor is 1/3 which equals 33%

  11. Rip novrish he wasn’t talking to nobody and was like the 1st one to die😢

  12. How are they playing with novritch I wanna play with novritch he's the coolest guy ever

  13. Mark is such a Marksman

  14. I wanted Novritsch to do good Bc he’s like a god tier player 😆

  15. D vs novritsch, pistol battle, who would win?

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