A game of blunders – interference in RN vs RB endgame

Playing endgame correctly in time pressure is no doubt difficult, however when both sides make a series of botches, it comes down to the point who makes the last grave mistake.

Two young players made quite a few mistakes in a Rook and Knight v Rook and Bishop endgame in Round 1 of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating Open 2020.

Video: Shahid Ahmed

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  1. The black player purposely places his pieces that way. Says a lot about his upbringing at home, his parents would have told to win the game at any cost, even if it means to not have basic courtesy. Chess is such a noble sport and players like these are just outright ridiculous. Total trash -.-

  2. Kick dat older fellow out of there. So irritating moves

  3. Gentlemen 😀 😀 😀 Both. Look at the handshake at the end. And they played bowling probably. 😀 😀 😀

  4. I really hate players like the black player in this game.. Knocks over the pieces and presses the clock without adjusting them… It was well within the etiquette and spirit of the game for the white player to do a Zhigalko and call the arbiter…. I mean I have seen players who knock pieces over, presses the clock and then adjusts them, but this guy goes even further.. Hesitates to adjust them back even after pressing the clock… Basic etiquette must also be taught in chess camps, and chess sites and channels like chessbase india should probably make a video on chess etiquette on the board… Stuff like adjusting the pieces.. Shaking hands.. Placing the pieces in the center of the squares… Adjusting the pieces while the opponent is thinking… Offering a draw… Resigning.. Post resignation etc…. #suggestion

  5. Now I have cancer from watching this game

  6. 1:22 Why not snatch the hung pawn?

  7. Wat r the rules about piece placement btw? i mean the elder player was literally placing pieces on half squares all the time !! and arbiter is there it seems. (unless I am mistaken – the lady with scores in her hand ) Shudn't the arbiter stop and tell him to place properly ?? or is it for players to appeal ?

  8. I agree I could see an easy win for black

  9. Older guy can’t make a move without knocking down pieces.

  10. That handshake in the end though

  11. Why don't you show the ratings of the players ??? Please do it next times .

  12. Play with the arms crossed, whyy?

  13. Why did he hesitate at the end for the draw?

  14. 0:22 shouldnt he have played Ra2+ to win the knight

  15. Wth,look at the table . Can't they get a wide enough table to accommodate the chess board ??ridiculous

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