41148 Episode 3 Part 1 walkthrough

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41148 is about a man who wakes up in a weird ruined building full of dead bodies and can’t remember his identity! So you should help him to find out that why he’s there and who is he! He will face new characters, places and horrible events. A bloody way is in front of you and for reaching your goal and revealing the mysteries you should pay its price!

– The game supports English.

– Use headphones to enjoy the game.

– 41148 is free but if you liked the game you can support us at:

Nguồn: https://inst-wd.com/

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  1. How did you get up there i tried it i couldn't get up there

  2. wtf… we need to hold that door…damn

  3. How did you make the intro. Plz tell bro

  4. valeu cara voc e me ajudou

  5. How can i get card from vase ?

  6. Too much bug in you game, impossible to take the bottle, stage before impossible to enter in the bedroom, obliged to start again every times i'm giving up

  7. valeu pela dica 👍 curtir sue programa parabéns💯👏👏👏👏👊👍

  8. Does the game go on differently if you attack either red boots or the boss guy?

  9. please tell me how to make khhh fly upwards. it always stays on the ground

  10. I can't use stick to get the card

  11. man that game its pretty hard you will eed the creator to tell you want to do ! xD

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