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  1. I remember watching these years back when y'all still had the round guy models. Technology and creativity have come a long way 😊👍

  2. if you're wondering why some of the girls look like Anna from Frozen it's because they are actually a free animation rig called meri

  3. 1:53 Could be a movie.
    0:31 Could be a movie.
    0:19 Could be a movie.
    0:15 Could be a movie.
    I'm not talking about the scenarios, I'm talking about the animation. The one I think should be a film the most is 1:53.

  4. oh my goodness! these have improved so much since 2015! makes me want to learn animation myself! the animation is so fluid, the facial movements–they actually look like they're saying the words! so much effort put into these i'm stunned

  5. Does anyone know if the animation at 0:52 is actually longer than that preview? I'd like to watch the whole thing if possible. It looks amazing.

  6. Great work! They also seem like amazing stories. Just hate the fact that all the female characters look more or less the same.

  7. I have a question: many mentors and schools suggest that showing the animations in playblast mode works for a reel; but this showcase (and the ones from other schools) shows fully rendered scenes, with lightning, and particles…. So, are those the final scenes students delivered during the courses, with all that details?

  8. omg I did search Cinthia Mussi what I saw WAS Weird I thought That Was The name of The anime I was -_- Wrong it's a name


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